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Plot 5 Yesuf Abiodun, Oniru, V.I, Lagos | 22 Kumasi Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

Temple Obike is a marriage counselor, psychotherapist and trainer helping rebuild marriages and lives across Nigeria and Africa

A word from our Founder

Firstly, I would like to thank you for considering our practice from the lot out there. It comes highly appreciated. Our mission is to empower Individuals, Couples and families to realize their fullest potential. A mission that culminates in instilling appropriate values and nation building with a one person at a time approach.


At Temple’s Counsel, we have successfully handled over a thousand counseling and therapy centered cases. Our counseling experience covers relationship, personal & pre-marital counseling while our therapy options have assisted clients with PTSD’s, depression, substance addictions and personal challenges.  We have been able to assist individuals in Nigeria, across Africa and around the globe with our service flexibility that accomodates 1-on-1, phone, chat and virtual (Zoom, Google Meet etc.) service options. 


With over 13 years of active psychotherapy and counseling experience, Temple‘s Counsel is focused on understanding human behavior and providing solutions that work using various techniques as cognitive behavioral therapy, integrated therapy and psychoanalysis.

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Our goal is to provide customers with the best service and in the process help them overcome their concerns.


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Even a therapist has days when they feel down in the dumps.
the feedback from you is one of the many things that reminds us that IT's ALL WORTH IT.
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We Always Ready For A Challenge

Our goal is to help you overcome your immediate problems and equip you enough to confidently tackle future problems.

Our approach is client specific and ensures that your uniqueness is put into consideration as we create the perfect treatment plan for you, your marriage or relationship.







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We’ve always believed in the importance of having therapists who beyond having clinical skills are the perfect blend of human and marketplace relevance. That makes them relatable and diverse.

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Call or send a quick WhatsApp message to Mrs Jade on +2348109055475 OR an email to ( and the pricing for our various session types will be sent across alongside payment details.

We have certified therapists and counselors within our ranks. They are locally and internationally trained with not less than 3 years of clinical experience.

Our Lead counsel Temple Obike is a trained, 

  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • A Psychotherapist
  • A Hypnotherapist
  • Trauma Resolution Specialist

A psychotherapist uses talk therapy to treat people for emotional problems and mental illnesses. Depending on what degree and specialty they get, psychotherapists can be psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, or social workers. They can work with individuals, couples, groups, or families.

A Therapeutic hour is 50 minutes but we usually extend our sessions to 60minutes to enable us adequately explore with the client.

We are not in all the states. Our HQ is in Lagos but we have counseling centers in Abuja and Portharcourt. For clients Outside of these three mentioned states, we attend to them via virtual sessions.


If a client requires a physical session with our therapists outside of these states, We can send a therapist down to see them.  The client can call or send an email after which we respond with costs and service expectations. This service usually attracts a premium. 

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We don’t just listen, we hear what you is being said under strict client confidentiality environments.

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Our Lead Counsel, Temple Obike enjoys taking off steam through his pen. He writings are usually sessions with words.
He tries to reach out and help people who may not be able to afford counseling trips down to us or online with everything they need to know across various topical issues.
Love or emotional dependence by temple obike

Are You In Love or is it Emotional Dependence ?

Are you in love or is it emotional dependence? This is a question you must always ask yourself at the onset…
Understanding Narcissism: Narcissists are Created Not Born

Understanding Narcissism: Narcissists are Built Not Born (part 1 of 2)

Today’s conversation is on the topic Understanding Narcissism: Narcissists are Built Not Born. “My partner is a Narcissist, I have understudied…
Advice from divorced women on what you need to know before marriage.

Advice from 7 divorced women on what you need to know before marriage

7 divorced women and their advice on what you need to know before marriage is an important one for me. While…
Understanding affair types and Learning How to Protect Yourself from It (you don't have to get caught to change) by temple obike

Understanding affair types and Learning How to Protect Yourself from It (you don’t have to get caught to change)

Today we’ll be talking about a topic “Understanding affair types and Learning How to Protect Yourself”. Having observed many couples and…
how to grieve properly by temple obike

Discussing Grief & How to Grieve Properly on the Kambili Show (BOSS FM 95.5 INTERVIEW)

Our Lead Counsel, Temple Obike discussed Grief and how to grieve properly on The Kambili’s Show. It is an informative program on…
Pitfalls of infidelity. An FRCN radio interview.

Discussing Infidelity and it’s Pitfalls on Radio Nigeria Abuja

Our Lead Counsel, Temple Obike discussed the topic “Infidelity and It’s Pitfalls  on Radio Nigeria’s “Family Circle”. The show was hosted…
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