Soul Bodega (The Needle-Eye)

On “Soul Bodega” (The Needle-Eye) podcast series, Temple Obike talks about alternative approaches to healing through psychotherapy, counseling and healthy living. Listen and learn to live your best life. The general idea about starting this is simply to help people understand that they are not alone in what they are going through while extending an arm of assistance.

I get asked many times “Why the name Soul Bodega” or “What is a Bodega”? I’ll answer this question here. “A bodega is a small corner store or market that sells groceries and wine”

The Soul Bodega is my parable which simply likens the human to a small unassuming store just down the road. A store that you have never bothered to ask or check what they have or not simply because it just doesn’t look like much so you look at the bigger retail outlets. This is very much like the manner many people treat themselves, their gifts and potentials while concentrating on others who have turned their talents to gifts, their gifts to skill-sets and their skill-sets to something they can both enjoy and monetize.

It simply is a series aimed at getting you to look deep within yourself and see every good thing you have within you while working to change the self-limiting ones. The series are a weekly audio & print production which features on various online platforms such as ANTtention Media Africa, Opera News, BE Africa and More.