Our FAQ’s. These are frequently asked questions encountered . We’ve attempted to write out a couple of them to help you understand what i do better.


Questions clients ask us repeatedly

The FAQ section is dedicated to answering questions that most clients had asked us over the years prior to engaging our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a business coach or counselor

I am a licensed counselor who also owns businesses. I found out that the process of counseling and coaching are the same but while one is interested in moving you from where you are to where you want to be, the other (counseling) takes into cognizance, the effect of the past of our present and how we decide to use it in positively impacting our future.

What exactly do you counsel on

My key focus areas are Grief counselling, Marriage counselling(couple and personal), Teenage counselling and destructive habit counselling .

Do you guarantee a solution for my problem

As much as i would love to say yes, No I don’t guarantee this.However, one thing i guarantee you is that when our session(s) are done, you will know what the right step is for you regarding the problem you came to me with. This decisive stage will be reached ONLY when you engage with me truthfully so we don’t spend valuable time peeling off layers of mis-trust. 

What are the various counselling options available

I counsel face-to-face, through telephone conversation and via video counselling. 

How do i Book a Session

Simply reach the booking office where you will provide your email address and phone number. A one-page confidentiality agreement will be shared. Payment will be made into the included account and a time slot booked. Start by sending a WhatsApp message to +2348181675758 

Must i come to Your Office/State for Counselling

Preferably, yes but i do go outside of my state and country for counselling appointments. However, for any counselling appointments outside my premises, accommodation, travel expenses and counselling fees will be provided at least 6 days before departure and my stay is limited to 4 days or 4 sessions within this period.