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how to grieve properly by temple obike

Discussing Grief & How to Grieve Properly on the Kambili Show (BOSS FM 95.5 INTERVIEW)

Our Lead Counsel, Temple Obike discussed Grief and how to grieve properly on The Kambili’s Show. It is an informative program on life and family living. The show has an avid follower base in Abuja. Listen below for the the interview excerpts. 
Pitfalls of infidelity. An FRCN radio interview.

Discussing Infidelity and it’s Pitfalls on Radio Nigeria Abuja

Our Lead Counsel, Temple Obike discussed the topic “Infidelity and It’s Pitfalls  on Radio Nigeria’s “Family Circle”. The show was hosted by Mrs Okoli Kristy. The Feedback was amazing with questions pouring in via calls and texts from couples who had been affected by infidelity. The show has over a…

Fear or Focus You can decide to either let FEAR determine what your next steps are for your life OR simply FOCUS on that one positive thing that motivates you. Within your fear lies your focus. Find it and set out on your journey to self-discovery. See bio for link. #focus#determination#templeobike#fearofgod#fear#swampmerchant#quoteoftheday#picoftheday

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