"Man,know thyself". That's Mastery.


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With over 13 years of active business experience, He has been able to create value across the Media, ICT, Marketing and Consulting sectors. He owns a creative agency, media company, digital marketing and IT companies where solutions are built for businesses. Temple is a strong believer in NOT overtly analyzing ideas and this has consistently seen him achieve results in short turn-around periods.


Individuals and businesses all get stuck at certain points. Temple Obike has assisted in building up individual brands with strong marketplace acceptance and positive impacts in personal circles respectively. Gifted with insight, inter-personal skills and depth, Temple has trained staff members and counseled individuals who have gone on to become achievers.  


He’s Married to a beautiful, virtuous wife who makes up a major part of his support system and this union is blessed with four kids who also motivate him to become his daily best. When he’s not at work,  Temple enjoys every bit of time spent with his kids who are resolute in their belief that he bears some striking resemblance to Batman. He tries not to disappoint them by applying what he teaches to his family life.

About Temple

For Over a decade, lives have been positively touched and transformed by his personal development and mindset building gospel.
Temple Obike is one of Africa’s young emerging coaches under forty who brings a wealth of wisdom and depth beyond his years. His pioneer training at the University Of Lagos was as a Cell Biologist and Geneticist but he has over the years delved into fields of Cognitive, Development and Social Psychology. 
Temple possesses that uncanny ability to draw out amazing insights from everyday events and then build principles on them. His personality and sincere style of delivery linger long after the sessions end producing positive testimonials across Africa and beyond

Problem Solving
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Temple Obike is a Certified Marriage, Addiction and Individual Counselor/Psychotherapist operating in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt, Nigeria. He’s also an entrepreneur, psychotherapist and a keynote speaker.

He has treated over one hundred successful cases as a certified marriage, addiction and individual counselor/psychotherapist in Nigeria. With over 13 years of active counseling, business and consulting experience, Temple Obike is the “The Mind” personified. His deep understanding of human behavior makes him an invaluable asset in the “Psych” niche. I work with clients and proffer solutions based on information my clients have provided and then let them arrive at their personal results. 

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He has been able to create value across the Media, ICT, Marketing and Consulting. Temple owns a creative agency, media company and runs a counseling practice . As a creative brand marketing professional, entrepreneur, licensed counselor and psychotherapist at “Temple’s Counsel” operating in, Lagos Nigeria, He champions the fight against the stigma on mental health issues through his writing. Temple is a strong believer in NOT overtly analyzing ideas and this has consistently seen him lunge himself into the deep zone where the only option is to swim. 

With an estimated 20%–30% of our population believed to be suffering from mental disorders, this is quite significant for a country with over 200 million citizens. Unfortunately, the attention given to mental health disorders in Nigeria is at best, fleeting; the level of awareness of the Nigerian public on mental health issues is also understandably poor, and the misconceptions regarding mental health have continued to flourish. With offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt, Temple Obike is championing positive mental health campaigns across Nigeria and Africa.